Our Story

Correlations massage was founded by Nicholas Williams.

Nicholas found himself in the world of massage through necessity. Dealing with his own pain unexplainable by a half dozen specialists, massage therapists were of the few to be able to bring relief and understanding. Still not fully healed or comprehending his own condition, he began massage school both as a means to learn to continue to heal himself as well as to help others as he had been helped. Applying knowledge and techniques to his own condition as he learned them accelerated his understanding, since active practice naturally solidifies theory.

     This process of narrowing down the possibilities of what his own condition was, led to a more in depth understanding of many others. His passion for demystifying seemingly unexplainable pain phenomena is fueled by his desire to help others who suffer as he did. It is his greatest intention for any client he works with, to help them to restore their own body’s natural balance, and get them back to living healthier happier lives.