Our Services

Each massage is custom tailored to the needs of the client at hand. Whether you’re coming for general relaxation, or are looking to address specific injuries or chronic conditions with a deep tissue or therapeutic approach, we’ve got you covered under any booking option selected. 


Generally specified as light or medium pressure, a relaxation massage is intended to deactivate the “fight or flight” mode that our bodies and brains enter into because of our often high paced and stressful daily circumstances. Sometimes, our stress and negative emotions can literally get stored in our muscles. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system through relaxation massage, our body signals the “rest and relax” chemical messengers, all while allowing our muscles to let go of the chemicals that were making us feel stressed to begin with.  Because the massage is lighter in pressure, the therapist doesn’t need to “check in” with the client as often about the pressure, which helps the client fall deeper into that relaxed state. 

Deep Tissue

Generally specified as medium to deep pressure, a deep tissue massage aims to lengthen muscle tissue that is usually multiple layers of muscle under the surface. Commonly mistaken as simply meaning “heavy pressure”, sometimes muscles actually need to be coaxed more gently before they’re willing to “come out and play”. With too much pressure, the body’s natural subconscious response is to resist, in order to avoid being injured. Even when the mind of a client trusts a therapist, the body may still take some convincing. Here at Correlations Massage, we understand this and do our best to strike the right balance of pressure to release and lengthen those “deep tissue” muscles. Because this type of massage CAN operate on the threshold of pressure just under “too much”, the client and therapist are in constant communication for the desired pressure of each individual muscle group.


Therapeutic massage is the intent of massage to work on a specific condition, to relieve pain, and to reduce stress. Therapeutic massage can sometimes seem a lot like either relaxation or deep tissue. What matters to you, the client, is the ability to specify your intentions of exactly why you are coming to visit us. We’re happy to find the perfect blend of approaches to meet your needs. 



An additional option at your disposal, but not necessarily used in every session are a multitude of manual therapy tools, including an electric massager/theragun.  Vibration technology is particularly useful when dealing with areas of the body with restricted blood flow. Sometimes when muscle tissue has been deprived of blood flow for too long due to high tension and constriction of blood vessels, it can become ischemic. This means that the cells in that area aren’t being fed with nutrients, and their waste products are accumulating around them because it’s not being taken away. This condition can feel painful. Massage alone can help with this, but vibration stimulation is an additional resource that can be implemented to get the blood flowing back into these tissues again. Most chain spa’s charge extra for these services, but for our valued customers, the use of these additional tools is free of charge.

We do offer some add-on services that cost more and need to be specified before the massage because they require additional preparation, additional cleaning, or additional products. These services are as follows.

Hot Stones

Heat has a widely known effect of causing muscles to release tension. This makes it a powerful synergistic tool to add in to your massage therapy session. Especially when trying to convince specific muscles to loosen up for deep tissue, and to lengthen specific muscles for better myo-skeletal alignment during your therapeutic session, you’re simply going to have greater results by incorporating heat. This may or may not be preferred for a relaxation session, completely dependent on if your body is alarmed or relaxed by the stones.

  -Stones take time to prepare, heat up, and clean. This is why they are not offered for free on sessions less than 90 minutes. 

-Stones are heavy and cumbersome. This is why they are not offered free for any in home sessions. 

Hot Stones are an additional $10 for all in studio sessions 60 minutes or less. Free for 90 minutes or more! Hot Stones are an additional $15 for ALL in home massage sessions. 

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy is a generalized term for the use of essential oils. Some oils are best used by being diffused into the air for its pleasant aroma. Other oils are best utilized by mixing with the massage oil for their therapeutic effects on the muscles, via absorption by the skin. Every oil is different, each eliciting a different physiological effect on the body. Though offered as an added benefit to massage, this area of study is not included in our scientific expertise, and therefore we will not make any specific claims as to the effects of each oil.  For simplicity, we currently offer all available oils under a generalized “cover all” charge of $5 regardless of method of use.

All oils are Doterra brand.
Currently offering (in no particular order)

Deep Blue











Black Pepper





May be willing to add others per request.